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thoughts on what to call the Jimmy Neutron series? approved tyc DanbooruBot
Wendy's approved sandlecrantz junk719junk
Akko approved sRSM junk719junk
too many FUTA tags approved tyc tyc
unalias for SCRATCH approved tyc DanbooruBot
test2 approved DontTouchMyCogs tyc
Tags approved junk719junk tyc
annie (skullgirls) -> annie of the stars approved sRSM DanbooruBot
jcm-2 -> jcm2 approved sRSM DanbooruBot
unalias clementine -> mandarin_orange approved tyc tyc
Padoga update approved tyc tyc
testing multiple requests in single bulk approved tyc zx29b
rename ridley -> ridley_(glitch_techs) approved tyc DanbooruBot
update hilda_(tv_series) -> hilda_(series) approved tyc DanbooruBot
test approved DontTouchMyCogs DanbooruBot
alias Naruto (Series) -> Naruto approved sRSM DanbooruBot
alias dc -> dc_comics approved tyc DanbooruBot
alias marvel -> marvel_comics approved tyc DanbooruBot
alias teen_titans_go -> teen_titans_go! approved tyc DanbooruBot
alias hilda_(tv_series) -> hilda_(series) approved tyc DanbooruBot
The_loud_house approved jay19 DontTouchMyCogs
pears_(artist) approved doughboy tyc
Stephanie from Lazytown has 2 tags approved sandlecrantz DanbooruBot
"Male" should not alias to "male focus". approved sandlecrantz DanbooruBot
Blublush approved sandlecrantz DanbooruBot
On Model Means Show Accurate approved sandlecrantz DanbooruBot
bisexual isn't just bisexual women approved SecretAccount57 DanbooruBot
stella_(the_loud_house) approved Jumaine Watkis DanbooruBot
ignore approved thatenemy DanbooruBot
ignore this approved thatenemy DanbooruBot
erect_nipples_under_clothes to covered_nipples approved shikiyoku DanbooruBot
japanese to japanese_text approved shikiyoku thatenemy
english to english_text approved shikiyoku DanbooruBot
mosaic_censoring aliases approved shikiyoku DanbooruBot
licking pussy approved namekianer thatenemy
category fix to character approved yecki thatenemy
Fix category: copyright approved hcm DanbooruBot
Fix category: character approved hcm DanbooruBot
update ramble -> pu-en approved hcm DanbooruBot
Fix artist name: pumpkinspicelatte approved hcm DanbooruBot
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