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alias sorasaki_hina -> hina_(blue_archive) pending ThatOneGuy0 ThatOneGuy0
alias frisk -> frisk_(undertale) pending ThatOneGuy0 ThatOneGuy0
Ace Attorney series and character tag changes pending ThatOneGuy0 ThatOneGuy0
nuke pokemon_ranger_traces_of_light approved ThatOneGuy0 DanbooruBot
Sonic aliases and implications approved ThatOneGuy0 DanbooruBot
cherino_(blue_archive) alias approved ThatOneGuy0 DanbooruBot
Retired tag aliases & implications page 2 DanbooruBot DanbooruBot
Emoji Movie StikyfinkaZ ThatOneGuy0
futa_loli approved SecretAccount58 DanbooruBot
Leg lift aliases approved ThatOneGuy0 DanbooruBot
alias no_background -> transparent_background approved ThatOneGuy0 DanbooruBot
recettear -> recettear:_an_item_shop's_tale approved Zohashi DanbooruBot
A bunch of Pokemon implications and a few aliases approved ThatOneGuy0 DanbooruBot
Should the tag "prompts_visible" be classified as a meta type tag? adirla zx29b
Alias for artist with multiple names approved naroklee DanbooruBot
cafe-anteiku -> smolsociety rejected naroklee DanbooruBot
On "subjective" tags SisterTea SpicyMarshmallow
tale of two Toku - need a mass retag ty22 SpicyMarshmallow
unalias transgender -> genderswap approved therpfan DanbooruBot
Nazz form Ed Edd Nd Eddy approved StikyfinkaZ DanbooruBot
alias wet_pussy -> pussy_juice approved ThatOneGuy0 DanbooruBot
What happened to the solo_female tag? rainbowbagel Leortha
Problem with tag aliases ilovelolicon Leortha
manakete -> mamkute rejected Zohashi DanbooruBot
imply warioware -> nintendo approved ThatOneGuy0 DanbooruBot
Show to network implications approved ThatOneGuy0 DanbooruBot
Nintendo Franchises rejected Drawn2Cunny namekianer
A few implications and aliases approved ThatOneGuy0 DanbooruBot
Video game IPs approved Drawn2Cunny DanbooruBot
Splatoon rejected Drawn2Cunny Leortha
Alias/Implication Question ThatOneGuy0 ThatOneGuy0
Nowi and Nah aliases approved Zohashi DanbooruBot
Clothes Lift tags rejected SisterTea DanbooruBot
pixiv request -> request rejected SisterTea DanbooruBot
fae_(fire_emblem) -> fa_(fire_emblem) approved Zohashi Zohashi
asdf approved Anonymousethelisaenjoyer DontTouchMyCogs
alias ema_skye -> houzuki_akane pending Zohashi Zohashi
asking_for_it -> seductive approved sandlecrantz DanbooruBot
Remove "male_only" tag as an alias to "male_focus" approved dickgumshoe123 DanbooruBot
Wonder Loli is a name for a version of Wonder Woman. approved sandlecrantz tyc
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