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Small Tag Cleanup approved sandlecrantz DanbooruBot
kasstt AKA kassitta AKA handmadesalami approved sandlecrantz DanbooruBot
candybrat -> ehryel approved sandlecrantz DanbooruBot
Keio Flying Squadron approved sandlecrantz DanbooruBot
Retired tag aliases & implications page 2 DanbooruBot DanbooruBot
Change the compile_heart tag to a copyright tag approved ThatOneGuy0 DanbooruBot
rifu_rensushito -> lian_yanghan pending achthenuts achthenuts
mmd -> mikumikudance rejected qwertyasdfgh Leortha
Lana/Suiren approved sandlecrantz DanbooruBot
6 tags 1 artist approved sandlecrantz DanbooruBot
i just made a mistake in tag, how to fix it Komplementarit├Ąt die Allthefallen namekianer
Why is not_furry a tag? justaperson Crosschocker
Fumichika Mori approved sandlecrantz DanbooruBot
Request TAG/ALIAS changes HERE! namekianer DontTouchMyCogs
Other sides of the blacklist & its wiki Hermy Hermy
test2 approved DontTouchMyCogs DanbooruBot
test approved DontTouchMyCogs DanbooruBot
cum v sperm v sperm cell tyc tyc
should we nuke the "bad parenting" tag? tyc Albertdx
another one of those recurring postures which I wonder if there might be some obscure japanese term for? tyc tyc
wondering if anyone has ever heard a term for this type of thing tyc greenishvertical
Luna (Rocky Kwaterner) approved wna DanbooruBot
People need to put more effort into their tagging ilovelolicon namekianer
Male/Female tag implications approved buggingme tyc
Learning With Pibby tag alias approved ilovelolicon DanbooruBot
Unable to edit "toon_link" as a character tag ilovelolicon Leortha
the two Dooblies tyc DontTouchMyCogs
CIEL parenthesis approved tyc DanbooruBot
Recategorize Commentary Tags as Meta rejected sandlecrantz DanbooruBot
Komekko doesn't need parenthesis rejected tyc DanbooruBot
idea for making sure images have all the tags they need JustWatching27 namekianer
Alice Liddell, of Wonderland Fame rejected sandlecrantz DanbooruBot
I think Gelbooru changed their naming rules to emphasize English so we're kinda fucked tyc tyc
alias mia_fey -> ayasato_chihiro approved Dickgumshoegummy DanbooruBot
My hero academia -> Boku no Hero Academia approved sRSM DanbooruBot
Sailor Moon rejected sandlecrantz DanbooruBot
momo_(poketoon) -> momo_(pokemon) approved Leortha DanbooruBot
kobayashi-san chi no maid dragon approved sRSM Leortha
Pokemon character tag merges approved Leortha Leortha
Stephanie from Lazytown has 2 tags approved sandlecrantz junk719junk
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