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Request TAG/ALIAS changes HERE! namekianer DontTouchMyCogs
CIEL parenthesis pending tyc tyc
kobayashi-san chi no maid dragon pending sRSM junk719junk
thoughts on what to call the Jimmy Neutron series? approved tyc DanbooruBot
Retired tag aliases & implications page 2 DanbooruBot DanbooruBot
Wendy's approved sandlecrantz junk719junk
Akko approved sRSM junk719junk
My hero academia -> Boku no Hero Academia pending sRSM junk719junk
wondering if anyone has ever heard a term for this type of thing tyc tyc
if we had the retagging tools should we retire "virgin" and replace with "defloration" alias? tyc tyc
Recategorize Commentary Tags as Meta pending sandlecrantz junk719junk
merge hugtan with hug-tan_(precure) Horny111111z junk719junk
too many FUTA tags approved tyc tyc
kek why are there 88 images with the tag NSFW tyc tyc
baby Bulla-shit tyc tyc
Komekko doesn't need parenthesis pending tyc DontTouchMyCogs
did anyone ever name a tag for 'face in the corner' or whatev? tyc tyc
wondering if we have any guidelines for dark-skinned_female tag tyc junk719junk
ThunderousErections vs HighFructosePornSyrup vs HFPS tyc DontTouchMyCogs
Alice Liddell, of Wonderland Fame pending sandlecrantz zx29b
how should we tag Roll ? tyc tyc
Sailor Moon pending sandlecrantz sandlecrantz
do we need (oc) parenthesis if an OC has a unique name? tyc tyc
unalias for SCRATCH approved tyc DanbooruBot
test2 approved DontTouchMyCogs tyc
PPG request rejected tyc tyc
Tags approved junk719junk tyc
annie (skullgirls) -> annie of the stars approved sRSM DanbooruBot
alias for Girls Frontline pending tyc tyc
jcm-2 -> jcm2 approved sRSM DanbooruBot
unalias clementine -> mandarin_orange approved tyc tyc
Padoga update approved tyc tyc
testing multiple requests in single bulk approved tyc zx29b
rename ridley -> ridley_(glitch_techs) approved tyc DanbooruBot
update hilda_(tv_series) -> hilda_(series) approved tyc DanbooruBot
test approved DontTouchMyCogs DanbooruBot
alias Naruto (Series) -> Naruto approved sRSM DanbooruBot
alias dc -> dc_comics approved tyc DanbooruBot
alias marvel -> marvel_comics approved tyc DanbooruBot
alias teen_titans_go -> teen_titans_go! approved tyc DanbooruBot
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