[APPROVED] Artist alias & bulk update requests

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The current tag is and an incorrect romanization of the artist name.
sakurabe_notos was already aliased to sakurabe_notosu the first request was to unalias in order to then mass update from sakurabe_notosu toward sakurabe_notos.
Yet it's still shown as being aliased

Either atfbooru doesn't work as designed OR the request was misunderstood and modified (perhaps it was automated?).

Are you trying to alias it to notosu or notos? I'm not sure if a mass update is necessary if the correct alias exists.

1- unalias sakurabe_notos -> sakurabe_notosu (the current relationship)
2- alias sakurabe_notosu -> sakurabe_notos (the artist's romanization and thus the correct romanization
(I supposed a bulk update would be enough, but it seems to have created some confusion instead)

The alias is incorrect and based on a single illustration on danbooru, disregarding that the artist actually use notos everytime he romanized his name on a cg-set cd, that his pixiv token is notos, as well as his twitter and enty account, and his own website.
Ergo, that's one of the case where the artist lifted us from the guesswork by telling us exactly how he want it written.

trivia:I do not know but wonder if if that is linked to this notos.