3D and "No 3D"

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This is just for future reasons, so, that every new member should know it.

My upload was 3D. Okay. Absolutely forbidden.


Search it here and you will find it.

Joke aside.... 3D, which looks TOO close to human is forbidden.


I uploaded a picture, in 3D, which showed a snake-like figure with human heads(uncensored, with dildo play). NO HUMAN! Why got it deleted?

(Keep in mind.. This is NOT for squarelling, silly discussing or other dumb decision you think about to start a war...Just for future members, to let them know, what they NEVER should upload)


If someone were to photoshop real children's faces on objects and letting them do lewd stuff, it'd still count as "child pornography". The fact that we know it's not real doesn't change that we cannot allow it on the gallery. This is not because we are against 3D content, but that it's simply not possible for us to be allowed to host that type of content.

So if a 3D artwork is made to look like a real human (even if it's just the face, just the crotch area, breasts, etc.), it's not allowed. If it looks very unrealistic or it's not made to look like a real human (for example, artworks that feature manga-style characters that are simply 3D rendered) then it's allowed. We are still in the progress of updating our rules, but it may take a while before we have a proper conclusion to all of this.

- thatenemy