potential vandalism:AssNTitties.

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Reporting an excessive tag destruction from the user AssNTitties.

Many tag I had created to replace slangs-basedand inconsistent tags had been deleted, notably:

Every variation of the tag: *vulva* in favor of the slang pussy and the incorrect tag vagina (which is only correct with cross-section)
Every variation of the tag: x-skinned_[child/adolescent/adult]
Every variation of the tag: #_character, #_female, #_male (which I wanted to propose as aliases for #boy and #girl so this one may be on me)
Every instances of the tag: adolescent, hard_nipples, body_fluid, penile_insertion, homosexual_intercourse, heterosexual_intercourse
Many instances of the tag: [x]_only, uncensored, avatar:the_last_air_bender from post where avatar:_the_legend_of_korra is also used, (unless I'm wrong we need to tag the license it belongs to along with the specific season.
and many other.

Here for example, he deleted the artist name and a whole bunch of tags:

So while he add some correct tags in some case, there is as many case where his tag are nonsensical:
both 1girl and 5girls, arch_way_of_venus (120% subjective tag...)

What's happening there? Is he mod-allowed to do that?

I'd like to know either way please.


sorry for I caused unrest. My goal was to increase consistency of tags and reduce tag-bloat by fixing typos, replace underused synonyms and hyper-specific tags etc. But I might have gone overboard or forget to replace a tags sometimes.

#1: "vulva" is automatically replaced with "vagina" by the system, but I'll check my change history for other related tags and revert them.
#2: My bad. I thought it was underused for the amount of content it would apply to. (No sane person would go through thousands of old posts to add those tags to make them consistent.) And that you would get the same result by combining tags like "light skinned female" and "loli".
#3: Same as #2, but i'd also like to know how mods would judge that case.
#4: I'll revert those. But isn't it hard to define "adolescent" should be applied? And doesn't homo/hetero-intercourse serve the same purpose of yuri/yaoi/hetero? Also, hard nipples are synonymous with erect nipples. But I noticed that the system auto-translates "erect nipples" to "covered nipples" for some reason.
#5: Let me revert those.

Example 1: Again, my bad. I couldn't find the relevance of "acci" and assumed it was a typo/nonsensical. Will be fixed.
Example 2: I don't think I changed any tags in that post itself. I only classified the character tags. I don't know why all tags were accredited to me and the tag history only shows my name.

Again, sorry for the confusion. I'll fix my mistakes but it'll take some time.

In many case we have to dance around the aliases automatically added by danbooru even when those are non-nonsensical. (like adult aliased to older, or male aliased to male focus). Or poor initial choices like #boy(s) and #girl(s), whatever the age may be.
The worst offender is vulva. Their own wiki admit vagina actually mean vulva but they refuse to change it. Both tag should exist and be correctly used.
blonde likewise is always a female with blond hair, blonde hair is as far as I know a popular (esl?) linguistic barbarism derived verbatim from the french usage.
That's a big reason I started dealing with the wiki.

As for adolescent vs teenager it's a matter of tagging what you know (teenager, a non explicit {in the posted media} numeric count) vs what you see (adolescent, an intermediate stage of development between child and adult of at least one of the characters).
Worse, teenager is a social consideration.

It probably would have been better if you had discussed your intention beforehand.

edit: vulva->vagina is on sankaku, it's worse on danbooru they aliased it to pussy. So much for factual objective tagging...
I wager it can only get worse in the demarcation between safebooru and danboooru.