Could a mod contact JimSmutje2?

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Unkaar said:

This user is using tags incorrectly and changed at least one author on a whim.
( )
this may be a misunderstanding of the rules or a lack of care for the rules, can't guess either way.

I appologize!
I made a mistake, but I fixed that issue now (261089). Please tell me which other tags I'm using incorrectly.

The way you are tagging makes it looks like you either:
-use the tagging of a completely different site;
-use an automated script that is broken or incorrectly set;

"{...}" isn't used for tags here.
'{multiple_girls}' should be 'multiple_girls' for example.

Here, do note the very low count for this tagging model.


I'll have to ask JimSmutje2 to remove those unnecessary brackets from the tags in his previous changes. It'll be a pain to fix either way. I'll send the user a PM to make sure he gets the message.

- thatenemy