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Hi, I'm SisterTea! You may remember me from other forum interactions, such as the one time I asked everyone about their opnion of certain tags, and several threads where I left words in for no reason.

Besides the awful jokey introduction, today I'll leave here a simple guide on how not to suck at tagging tag your posts properly, and the bare minimum of doing so. Assuming you know how to edit posts (if you don't, check post #437266 then come back here), keep reading!

Getting Started

Obviously, every post needs their artist, character and copyright tag/s; the use of these is obvious, so I'll just add one little detail:
If the copyright, character or artist name doesn't exist in the booru, make sure to type [copyright:], [character:] or [artist:] and then the new tag name without the brackets, no spaces either. Example, if I wanted to tag an artist named sterdrews, I'd type in artist:sterdrews.

If you do not know the artist/copyright/character, make sure to tag artist request, copyright request or character request as well. source request is also important in the case you don't have the source of said post... you'll only cause tag gardeners to raise an eyebrow at your posting, but it's better than no tags at all!

Also, always remember to add the source from where you found the picture and if it's a variation of an already existing post, set said post as the parent.

Basic general tags

Alright, now let's start with the actually required general tags, there are a few types that are a must, I'll give a few examples:

Character/s shown in the picture: loli, shota, toddler, cub... if those don't apply to what you're trying to upload, stop it. Remember what this booru is about.

How many characters are in the picture? 1girl, 2girls and so on; 1boy, 2boys... 1futa, 2futas... if there's only one character seen, remember to also tag solo. Also, female focus if the main focus is a female and male focus is the main focus is a male. Remember to use the futanari tag as well where applicable.

The Sex: Besides all the sex posture tags and the ones for other acts, the essential ones are hetero, yuri and yaoi whenever applicable. For the absolute newbs: hetero is male/female, yuri is female/female and yaoi is male/male. At least one of those usually gets blacklisted by many users, depending on their preferences, so tag that shit.

Other content tags: These need no explanation, so I'll simply list them here: furry, pee, scat, guro, diaper, pregnant, ai generated.
List may not be complete, so if I forgot another commonly blacklisted tag, please let me know.

You'll be a especially good cookie if you also manage to tag the characters' clothing, hair/eye colors, hair length and all these little details that also have their own tags, so do your best!

If you've made it this far and haven't just scrolled through the text, congratulations! Now you should know how to tag your posts, so go out there and make us proud. If you have lazily skipped all this, get readin' because spamming posts without giving half a fuck about tagging... come on, it's just rude.

And it will likely get you banned from the booru if you don't stop doing that after the admin warnings.

That's all! If you have any doubts or whatever, feel free to ask or be courageous enough to check the tag list and do some searches.

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good tagging guide.
important is to take your time. then you can add
detailed tags like hair and eye color (red_eyes, red_hair, blue_eyes, blonde_hair,)
body shape (flat_chest, small_breasts, plump, pregnant,)
clothes (bra, panties, bikini, dress, swimsuit and so on),
sex practices ( oral, fellatio, cunnilingus, annilingus, anal. vaginal, paizuri, buttjob,) and
sex position (missionary, doggystyle, cowgirl_position, reverse_cowgirl_position, full_nelson. standing_sex)
location (indoors, outdoors, pool, onsen, beach).

like anything else, you need patience and some practice. its getting better and more easy after some uploads. just give your best and try it.