tale of two Toku - need a mass retag

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I'm pretty sure all the stuff remaining at toku_(tokuhp) right now is actually toku69 and not tokuHP

I think this is due to an early misunderstanding between the two since both sign their work "toki"

TokiHP disappeared in 2011 does anime-only and uses distinctive MSpaint colors while Toki69 (still operating on Baraag and Pixiv today) also dabbles in western art and I think uses watercolors?

I started doing a retag but having trouble loading pages to get through them all.

https://rule34.paheal.net/post/list/Toku/1 also needs to be fixed for this reason, I retagged some toku>tokuhp for some older artwork, I think the rest there is toku69 (as the presently-active toku goes by on fanbox)

Im gonna retag it to toku69 since theres multiples toku's; as long it doesn't get filtered under my blacklist that is