anyone know how to get a page-view (instead of "load more") on Baraag galleries like with Pixiv (and the "undefined" problem)

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For example with onemurism's gallery at it starts at the top and you have to keep scrolling to the bottom and clicking "load more" to see older works.

You never know how far back you are, and any time you click on them it goes to the post and you lose your spot.

Makes it a nightmare to try and upload things chronologically since you want to start with older works.

Pixiv divides these into pasges so I can just go to the last page to find the oldest stuff.

But a lot of artists don't have certain works on pixiv, or they're censored and the uncensored Baraag ports are preferable.

This means we need efficient ways to navigate the thumbnail galleries on Baraag to check things or get posts.

I also notice lady that you can't simply click+drag into new tab (or ctrl+click) on these Baraag galleries to get a proper new tab anymore.

This used to work but now if you do it it will insert "undefined" in place of the username meaning you need to manually input it to get a proper URL for linking a source.

Is there some fix for this? It's really slowing me down. Wondering if there is a forum or other place to discuss with other Baraag users about this and how we might fix it using Mastodon software updates.

DontTouchMyCogs said:

no clue. they did update the UI which improved it some

do you recall how? commenting is still very weird needing to open new windows to do it and stuff every time