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Garuldo said:

hello everyone, you have mistakenly deactivated these posts for me, would you be so kind to reactivate them please??

PS: can you stop muting my posts please?? it is really very annoying

the posts are all unapproved, not deactivated or muted.
when you upload 3d: they should look like anime style. realistic children are not allowed.
and when the approver dont like your posts, you have to deal with it...

you can try your luck and click the "Appeal" button under the posts (left side).
maybe they will be approved then.

@Garuldo i approved one of them the naruto one. the other three are relistic 3d which is not allowed here. things will be approved or denyed thats normal for here. you are welcome to appeal but if it breaks the rules it wont be approved. please read the rules sticky in the forum and main rules at the foot of this site to get an idea of what allowed.

(loli shota cub and young teen toddler is allowed) all these must be a focus of the image. you can't post an adult hentai drawn woman with just a shota penis showing for example.

real porn, realistic 3d and adult hentai is not allowed here.

i hope that helps.