has anyone else had problems accessing their PMs lately?

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pretty much any time I try to click the "My Account" link to https://booru.allthefallen.moe/profile so that I can check my PMs it gives me a "Search Timeout"

on the rare occasions it does load (took me about five or six tries today) and I click the "Messages" link to https://booru.allthefallen.moe/dmails?search%5Bfolder%5D=received I will get the error again. Haven't been able to read messages for at least a week, am three behind.

this has happened on and off for years so I've gotten accustomed to ignoring it, but lately it seems to be happening a lot more

I'm not sure if there'd be a way to incorporate a direct link for the folder=received (might require altering the source code display a bit for the top bar) so that we can directly click that instead of going through 'profile' since that's one less chance for a page load to fail.

the "Your search took too long to execute and was cancelled" is pretty odd message to get for PMs since it's not actually a search

weird I wonder why, older accounts have shorter numbers you'd htink that'd be more efficient