search timeouts

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has any one noticed the search timeouts have been getting worse? its really getting annoying and there unfortunately nothing i can do to fix it either. sometimes i have to click on something 5 times to get it to go through.

well actually i have a possible theory. for admins we have access to pending jobs. there atleast 60 pages of these pending jobs. ive tried approving these or running these tasks and they dont seam to do anything to the site. but i wonder if i approved them all if it would get this site to not be so clunky.

im not sure tbh. but i do wish the site owner would fix all these issues. admins dont have access to the code and even if we did im not a html programmer to fix it lol.

Yes, there has been a noticeable amount of them recently. It gets worse when trying to open multiple pages at once. Yeah, someone with the coding knowhow has to take care of it probably :(