fishmans brain artist is defunct

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added note about this to his wiki page here

i've had a change of heart and i decided i don't want to do this stuff anymore, wish i could have done something special for this post but i don't have time lately.

So by the end of august i decided i would delete all the loli content from my pixiv and delete my fanbox and it's content, and stop drawing it, i'm giving you a little time to save and keep the stuff you like, knowing that some of you think some of my work is worth keeping makes me happy.

I might still post here some times but no more loli art

he doesn't seem to have deleted all of his loli by the end of August 2021 which is great but since we never know when he might do it in the future backing up anything we lack is a good idea

since he's in the 100+ range figuring out what we lack could be tricky tho =/