another one of those recurring postures which I wonder if there might be some obscure japanese term for?

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Unifying theme is that the guy is kneeling, the loli is face-up (supine, not prone) pelvis is airborne, thighs are horizantal, but she is bending backward. This logically causes the whole stomach bulge phenom (which I still think ought to be retitled belly bulge... maybe when we get tag tools?)

Variations exist like whether or not the loli is making contact w/ surface behind her, and if so, via which body part. In the Idolmaster example Yukimi is supporting some of her weight w/ her palms, while in the KanColle example Asashio is supporting some of her weight w/ her elbows. These variations are minor enough I would still consider them the same posture.

I thought about whether piledriver would cover this, but what I think is different there is with a piledriver the knees are held up higher than the pelvis, producing more of a "completely upside down" position, whereas what I'm talking about isn't quite as extreme. We're talking a supine pelvis which would only bend the penis about 90 degrees, and not the 180 degree cartoonish bend necessary in a piledriver (that tends to be pretty painful if you're fully erect)

"Penile drop" as discussed in seems to be necessary for the cartoonish "piledriver" pose whereas the 2 images I posted at the top seem to recognize that ligaments pull it upward and that there would be a lot of resistance (thus the belly bulge) pressing against the anterior wall.

Sometimes there are even "beyond 180 degrees" piledrivers such as though it can be hard to perceive since you need to envision the pelvic tilt going on, the bone which is bending the boner

"Arched back"? Maybe not quite what you are looking for, but I would say it fits those images.

greenishvertical said:

I'm not sure how common those are, but maybe a suspended_congress variant? Horizontal_suspended_congress? I'd sure enjoy it though.

Edit: Here's another example -

great find... yeah there's some similarities to that, though I don't know if it requires complete suspension since the back of the head could be touching the ground