thoughts on what to call the Jimmy Neutron series?

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Just realized amidst trying to update a missing char that we have some formatting overlap that needs merging

Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius (the tag Paheal uses without a colon)

Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius (how Wikipedia styles the December 2001 film title)

I think most actually know from the spinoff TV series,_Boy_Genius from July 2002 though, but it's a bit of a mouthful.

Given the prominence in logo at I was wondering, for consideration of the film and TV series collectively, what people might think of just using Jimmy Neutron (series) ?

I think in most cases we'd use the auto-suggest and even when we aren't, parenthesis are about as easy as a colon and "series" is easier to type than "Boy Genius"

especially since colons and commas don't actually appear in the logo and just get inserted to wikipedia via how they represent sub-titles in logos for series.

Also regarding this blonde loli and merging her tags:

Any thoughts on how to spell her first name?

I was copying Paheal tags and they use the "Britney" spelling, but the wikia/fandom project for the show uses "Brittany".

Might be resolved if they use her name in the end credits, I'll see if I can find that in an ep she appears in I guess?