if we had the retagging tools should we retire "virgin" and replace with "defloration" alias?

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Defloration always seemed like the more accurate term since it's applied use is to show a character losing their virginity which means they actually aren't actively virgins anymore.

Whereas we don't use the tag for possibly-still-virgin images like toddlers posing nude but not being penetrated.

a deflowering tag makes sense, yes. but i agree with dtmc, enough people dont know such a tag.
if they want to see a deflowering, they would search virgin+blood...

there is bleeding_pussy which is probably more along the lines of "tag what you see" since we don't know for sure that it's a first-time-torn-hymen that results in such blood

something like "virginity" might be reserved to where there is written reference to virginity loss like "it's my first time" or whatev, like the subject or implication

Even if a virgin just lost her virginity (no longer technically virign) virginity could still be the subject of conversation.