ThunderousErections vs HighFructosePornSyrup vs HFPS

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any thoughts on which artist tag to prioritize? uses ThunderousErections uses HighFructosePornSyrup

have both plus HFPS initials which has the most tags

There isn't exactly "one is the most current" because he's using all three simultaneously... = HFPS

I can't think of a tiebreaker but I do know it causes difficulty figuring out which of his work is missing if they're split between tags as they currently are, getting a lot of errors trying to upload dupes due to only consulitng one of the tags and forgetting there are others.

It'd be great if we could just have all three go-exist and auto-tag each other via bots or something but we're not quite up to that infrastructure.

I'm sorta edging for HFPS since it's the easiest to type out (well "TE" is easier but I don' tthink it's specific enough) but how do we mass-replace the other two tags with this?