how should we tag Roll ?

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I was thinking we could change Roll EXE to Roll.EXE to be consistent with the wiki (she is named like a program)

Roll Caskett is a unique variation which should stay.

The issue is basically these four:

Roll (Megaman)
Roll (Mega Man)
Roll (Rockman)

I'm thinking since "roll" might refer to rolling or dinner roll that it might be good to phase it out for disambiguatory purposes...

I was also wondering if we should refer to the original, instead of a parenthesis, as either Roll Right or Roll Light taking into account her creator-father's surname.

This surname appears to have been used in her Archie Comics incarnation:

roll.exe is the correct name, yes to this alias.
i dont know all shows with her, but i know there are different versions of her with different names.
but yes, a alias from "roll" to roll_(megaman) OR roll_(rockman) would be good.

junk719junk said:

If you were looking up dinner rolls, you're in the wrong site.

what if I want to see a loli doing something sexual while eating a dinner roll?