okay all you French cartoon watchers GTF in here

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User uploaded this girl and I know I saw her in a French cartoon over a year ago, can't really place when https://booru.allthefallen.moe/posts/369862

She was cute enough that I tried to find fanart and remembered seeing something along these lines.

It was a bit awkwardly animated but I think I likedd the voice acting. My knowledge of French is shitty but I remember enough (plus understand enough nonverbal stuff) to have enjoyed the show.

I think I fell out of watching it...

I checked the lists of stuff on UNIS and TFO but couldn't find it, so I'm not sure if it was on one of those two channels or maybe a third one I'm forgetting.

This is super-fucking bothering me because I know I saw the TV show she was from and tried to pay it some attention but obviously not enough to remember any names.

I am not a French cartoon fan, and I have never seen this character before...

... however I was able to find information. The name of the character Mirette is and the name of the show is Mirette Investigates. I'll update the post as well.

awesome job! I was thinking about this in bed and remembered she had a cat sidekick, I tried googling and it didn't help but I should've mentioned there being a cat in case it helped others look it up.

Do you recall how you found it? Google was no help with what I put in there.