what should the opposite of implied_sex be?

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Implied_sex often seems to coincide with 'sex' so it's like an umbrella tag.

But what about cases where it's clearly happening because you can literally see the penis entering the vagina?

Do we call that explicit_sex or hardcore_sex or obvious_sex or something along those lines?

The question here I think is: should implied_sex mean NOT to use the sex tag?

If it coexists then I guess the way you would exclude implied sex to only look at explicit sex would be to search sex and -implied_sex via tag-exclusion.

Probably also a good way to do searches for potential images that need the implied_sex tag since in a lot of cases people don't realize it's only implied (no visible dick-in-hole)

It also seems like there are DEGREES of implication but I wouldn't really know how to measure them.

IE you have "they shut off the lights and there's giggling" or "she's making an expression like there's a dick in her but you can't see below the belly" or "their crotches are smushed together with no clothes on"