TUTORIAL : how to request tag changes (aliases, implications, etc) via Bulk_Update_Requests

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please request aliases in the forum directly so we can approve them. (request alias/implication)

Clicking that link will take you here:


There is presently a bug where clicking "Help: how to make a bulk update request" will not display the text guidelines.

Luckily we can find them over at https://danbooru.donmai.us/bulk_update_requests/new but I will also copy them here for ease of reference:

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A bulk update request (BUR) is a request to change one or more tags. Creating a bulk update request will create a forum topic to discuss and vote on the request.

Use the format below to make a request:

alias rabbit_tail -> bunny_tail
unalias rabbit_tail -> bunny_tail

imply bunny_tail -> tail
unimply bunny_tail -> tail

rename bunny_tail -> rabbit_tail

update bunny_focus -> animal_focus bunny

nuke bunny

category touhou -> copyright

ALIAS merges two tags, making the first tag a synonym for the second tag. Aliasing rabbit tail to bunny tail makes searching for rabbit tail is the same thing as searching for bunny tail.

IMPLICATION makes the first tag automatically add the second tag. Implying bunny tail to tail means all bunny tail posts automatically get the tail tag.

RENAME renames a tag without making it a permanent alias. Renaming bunny tail to rabbit tail renames the tag, but doesn't redirect searches for bunny tail to rabbit tail. Most tag moves should be aliases, unless the tag is too ambiguous. Tags with more than 200 posts can't be renamed, they must be aliased.

UPDATE does a mass search and replace. The tags on the left-hand side are searched and replaced by the tags on the right-hand side.

NUKE removes a tag or pool.

CATEGORY changes the tag to an artist, copyright, character, general, or meta tag.

I'm going to try some of this out and see if it works.

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