holy shit they just arrested Shadman

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this is weirding me out guys, I bet they framed him

That may be the LAPD's favorite passtime, but honestly it is really easy to imagine Shadman starting a fight in public and pulling a knife on a guy. He never grew out of his edgy teenager phase, and all of his art reeks of revenge fantasy.

zx29b said:
honestly it is really easy to imagine Shadman starting a fight in public and pulling a knife on a guy

People have been speculating that the weapon in question might've been this railroad spike he showed in this tweet https://twitter.com/Shadbase/status/1451594142706925569

It wasn't his absolute last, but was posted on the final day he was active on Twitter (Oct 22nd), the final was actually him holding a cross https://twitter.com/Shadbase/status/1451657728342986752

This whole "kids on my property" thing makes me wonder if maybe he caught squatters stealing his shit and tried to chase them off, and might've had the spike in case they attacked him since he'd be outnumbered.

You could say "call the cops" but it's Los Angeles: they clearly DGAF about squatters and probably wouldn't have done shit.

My guess is: the incident in question was Oct 22nd (perhaps 23rd) and his arrested on the 25th was because it took a while to report him because nobody actually got hurt but they wanted revenge.

If someone were actually stabbed my guess is you'd see day-of arrest, but if it's just "he chased us with a spike" cops wouldn't prioritize it as much and might take a couple days to come book him.

People have been speculating

So, to summarize 8kun's fantastical scenario spun entirely out of whole cloth in which their gud boy dindu nuffin:
>guy finds some orc squatters on his property
>guy who collects various weapons picks the most useless of the lot from his arsenal
>guy charges into overwhelming numbers with said pseudo-weapon in hand for The Emperah
>orcs run away from his raging fury without a fight and go right to the LAPD who they know absolutely hates property owners and will do anything that it can to take their property away
>luckily for the orcs, none of them have any kind of criminal record that may make walking into a police station and giving a formal statement a bad idea
>LAPD gets an arrest warrant from a judge based solely on the word of a bunch of completely uninjured not-criminals who just happen to like living on other peoples' lawns
Seems legit.

I've heard conflicting reports his court hearing was scheduled for the 17th or 19th, not sure if it's happened yet. Would be curious if we could FOIA to read the details.

If it is going to be an acquittal or a no-contest plea, he should be able to explain everything fairly soon. Otherwise, it would be wise of him to say absolutely nothing about the subject until it is resolved.