tags to indicate NUMBER of crossovers?

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I would assume the vast majority of our "crossover" images are just between 2 franchises. The ones which do 3, 4, 5, etc becoming progressively rarer, yet they tend to be the more interesting and impressive.

There are monsters like https://booru.allthefallen.moe/posts/305342 where an artist will do DOZENS of franchises in a single image.

I was thinking like how we do 1girl, 2girls, 3girls etc that we could have a tag which counts the number of copyrights in cases when there is more than one? I wouldn't bother with "1copyright" but "2copyrights" etc yeah.

I am not against this. I doubt that I personally would make use of such a tag, but if it would help folks who are looking for that specific subect then bully.

DontTouchMyCogs said:

sounds like more clutter tha necessary

that applies potentially to people's opinions about a lot of tags, I'd like it, I like huge crossovers