Please post stuff that follows the rules (Guide)

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A simple guide for what is young enough. we are not strict on this as we do allow young teen. just no normal porn.

I want to be a little more clear whats considered too old for this site regardless of what their official age is. if they look too old then they don't belong here.

Here are some examples.

Too old

More too old.

Also a few other example of stuff that doesn't belong.

Too realistic for 3d models.

Poor quality

What i look for when im crawling the internet for art, i look at boob size and how old the face looks.

generally i try to keep the boobs on the small side or the face on the young side. not every small bobbed or flat chested girl counts. for example pearl from steven universe, unless specified a loli by the artist she is normally an 11,000 year old gay space rock. however peridot is the same but she is smol and despite her age she is an exception as long as she looks like a loli. same goes for Isabelle from animal crossing.

if you need more details on what accepted, the rules link is at the foot of the website.
i hope this helps.