Age Posting Guidelines (please read)

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I want to be a little more clear whats considered too old for this site regardless of what their official age is.

Here are some examples.

Too old

More too old.

Also a few other example of stuff that doesn't belong.

Too realistic for 3d models.

Poor quality

What i look for when im crawling the internet for art.

i look at boob size and face age. generally i try to keep the boobs on the small side or the face on the young side. there are a few exceptions peridot (steven universe) and isabelle (animal crossing). despite their age they are allowed here. as long as they looks like a loli/cub then its fine.

visual example stage 1 to 3 is acceptable. stage 4 on boobs is questionable depending on the image it might get rejected. stage 5 no.

if you need more details on what accepted, the rules link is at the foot of the website.
i hope this helps.