is there any tag for 2 dicks given a handjob by a single hand?

Posted under General tends to show a person using separate hands (1 hand per dick) to perform a handjob

I noticed at though that Sora's righthand is wrapped around both his shota dick and Nani Pelekai's futa dick, so it's also I guess a double handjob but stands out due to the unusual way in which he's doing it (Sora's left hand is being grabbed by Nani's right)

I was thinking something akin to "1hand2jobs" or "2dicks1hand" as something easy to remember for if we come across any other images like that, though I don't know if there are any amongst out 951 double_handjob ones.

This tag might also need a checkup because I can see it used for stuff like where there is only a single penis involved, so it seems people seem to also be using it to refer to a two-handed handjob.

Basically we need to clarify if "double" refers to either "two dicks" or "two hands" and find an appropriate alternate tag for whichever is not covered but presently tagged under this.

good news, i found a tag for it: "double_barrel_handjob" is used on several gallery in the web.

331937 is a "two-handed_handjob" [ i have edit the tag ;) ]

namekianer said:

good news, i found a tag for it: "double_barrel_handjob" is used on several gallery in the web.

Can you link an example of it being used to describe 2 dicks in a single hand? Haven't been able to locate.

331937 is a "two-handed_handjob" [ i have edit the tag ;) ]

Ah okay, looks like we have 200+ of that actually. Wonder if that means we should also have one-handed_handjob or if that's the assumed default.

Actually wondering about shortening this (if I could ever rename tags) to 2-handed_handjob or maybe even "handsjob" because adding an S is really all you need to denote plurality, right?

namekianer said:

the right girl...

and no, we dont need to create a new tag like "one handed handjob" for this scenario.

Prob not the best example since it shows 2 girls giving handjobs. otoh has the tag and only shows one.

Which seems to imply that it's being used to represent a single person using 1-hand-per-dick on 2 dicks, which I believe is more commonly just called a double handjob

I'm actually asking about "two dicks in a single hand" which is like HALF a hand per dick

2nd example found:


i know there are two girls busy. thats why i said "the right girl".
your example (21006...) is wrong tagged.

a problem is that such pics are rare. so its hard to find one: good and correct tagged.