dark-skinned ghost-loving lolis from pokemon?

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tyc said:


are these the same girl, maybe different interpretations on how to spell her name?

in either case I'm wonderingmore about the origin if we could spell it out in the wiki, can't find anything when googling them

Momo and Nono are two different characters. After a little search, I found that they are in the "I've Become A Gengar" episode of poketoon. Momo is the twin bun girl and Nono seems to be the other orange?-haired girl.

Ah, didn't realize it was so new, https://nintendosoup.com/the-pokemon-company-releases-ive-become-a-gengar-poketoon/ refers to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4vXdJ8-LZdY released September 10th, only 3 days prior to me creating this thread.

I will probably list I've Become a Gengar as a copyright in addition to Poketoon.

The newness would explain why we don't see them on the Pokemon wikis I guess.

Seems these two at least need consolidating:

Also some of the "nono" ones I don't see an orange hair, possibly mislabelled?