anyone ever notice that the number displayed for your "pending" doesn't match up with the ??/?? display for Upload Limit? (plus how is UL calculated?)

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For example with me, yesterday it said 59/59 uploads but only showed 41 pending.

Today it showed 40 and briefly displayed 58/59 then suddenly went up to 59/59 even though I didn't add anything.

Is it possible to have invisible pending?

I'm wondering perhaps if something gets hard-deleted instead of soft-deleted that maybe it causes a bug where it isn't removed from the pending list?

I vaguely remember there was a 100-upload limit in the past, anyone know where a strange number like 59 comes from?

I'm not sure if there's some kind of formula for it. If I take a look at some other users: registered March 2021 has 3/79 registered October 2020 has 3/70

Do these get manually tweaked or somehow automatically adjusted? In both cases their pending # displayed at least matches up with the actual amount displayed pending.