Getting around the 2-word search limit

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Go to My Account > Settings > Blacklisted tags

Blacklist tags you don't want to see. For example, if you want to search for "loli anus pov solo," just blacklist the tags:
penis cum balls 1boy multiple_boys

With that, search for "loli pov" and you should only see "loli anus pov solo" images.

Be sure to revert the blacklist to how it was before when you're done searching!


is this a new issue? pretty sure I could do it before but I just noticed...

> You cannot search for more than 2 tags at a time. Upgrade your account to search for more tags at once.

clicking Upgrade gives "access denied" at though

maybe old-timers could be rewarded like you can search the higher of 2 tags or however many years you've been registered, so if you've been here since 2017 then that's 4 years so you could search 4 tags?

Atf booru uses the danbooru coding, they keep messing with limits so after every update I need to figure out where to edit the limits.

The search will be getting a higher tag limit later today. I hate the limits to force people to pay money also the reason I always remove the upgrade function

Thank you... I already paid the $20 there for the unlocking hidden tags as well as multiple tags... Was worried i might have to here as well

ah that explains it, appreciate your efforts secret data mastermind Iratu