r34 paheal back the report underage content

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now back again in r34 paheal of please continues to report on underage content. don't you think we should go back to rescue all the loli and shotas to move them into allthefallen. this will be back in 9 months and 3 weeks. we should make a protocol immediately (https://rule34.paheal.net/wiki/rules)

LISTEN as I mentioned about the rule to continue reporting on underage content. well they are starting to remove things. we should start rescuing everything. and move them to allthefallen.

Basically we should prioritize what we think is on chopping block (definitely babies/toddlers, with preteen lolis next) as much as I'd love to help them clean up what we've already archived by reporting, I want to make sure we

1) completely back up all art of a given char + series

2) completely back up all art of all artists who have worked on said series

Reporting something without doing that first could lead to mods exploring and deleting more than we've backed

If they'd agree to ONLY delete what we report (after we show we've backed it) then we could cooperate better