how do we find out who is removing tags?

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for example I've been populating a loli voyeur tag and I'm pretty sure someone's removed it but I can't remember which images I added it to.

All I can think is by populating a pool (then only I can add/remove) to keep track and check later?

edit: and now in populating the pool I think I figured out the culprit

even more sophisticated it seems using "post_versions" you can search for the addition or removal of specific tags too

for example

KIANER why? :(


im not the only member who have removed pointless or/and wrong tags.
after breaking the rules multiple times and doing mass-uploads with wrong tags you should be happy that nobody of the mods here gives you a timeout...

if you have questions to the tags, ask.
or write a pm if you are unsure why someone have removed your tags.

posting it here is just... you are embarrass oneself/yourself.