we should reconsider stomach_bulge

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This relies on the slang of using "stomach" to refer to the midriff when actually the stomach is higher in the torso, underneath the ribcage, where these bulges rarely ascend to.

I would suggest something like navel_bulge perhaps, since it tends to be around the belly button area?

Or just abdomen_bulge or ab_bulge

"ab" is hardly medical

"belly bulge" would also work, it's shorter and alliterative.

Easier to spell ab or belly compared to "stomach", so there's not even a reason to stick to the inaccurate term.

You're on a porn site where someone could potentially upload a picture of an orgy starring all the nintendo characters. You really think anyone gives a fuck about the term "stomach" not being technically correct?

why should we replace the tag "stomach_bulge"?
its used on many websites and anybody know this tag.

changing it into "abdomen_bulge" or "ab_bulge" will just cause chaos.
how many people will look for this tags?

ergo: makes no sense...

Namekianer I have already explained why: because it's inaccurate. The stomach is an internal organ hidden behind the ribcage.

People will look for the tags once we tag the proper ones.

Also we can easily alias the old one so it redirects the stomach_buldge improperly used on other boorus to a proper term.

"Skinny" should be changed to "thin" too, IMO. Thin people have less skin, not more.