r34paheal back again reporting loli and shota. please rescure them

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Albertdx said:

(https://rule34.paheal.net/wiki/bad_ads) I don't know why, but we have to rescue as much loli and shota as possible.

what does rouge/illegal ads have to do with loli and shota? anyways ive covered most everything on r34. however there becoming more ban happy TLH tag has been thin lately wile they haven't been deleting past images there aggressively deleting any thing new. its only a matter of time before the whole site is purged. and once that happen there dead to me. just like e-hentai.

they're just coming up with dumb excuses to censor

I agree to save but since we apparently can't automate it, we should probably prioritize the most toddler-adjacent lolis or the most well known ones who would get targeted by flaggers