Md5 "create" upload Error (Clarification update)

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Got this error below? then keep reading.

Validation failed: Md5 confirmation doesn't match Md5

ActiveRecord::RecordInvalid exception raised
app/logical/upload_service.rb:42:in `start!'
app/controllers/uploads_controller.rb:55:in `create'

This is not an error but the site detecting that the picture you are trying to post has already been posted or for one of the reasons below.

1. if you click submit button before the upload window turns green.
2. the picture is posted but was deleted for reasons like being a dup, lower quality, isn't tagged correctly, or an artist requested removal.

to find the original post to add tags, click the link to see your most recent upload attempt.
find your latest attempted post and click the error message. it will take you to the original post if the error message saids duplicate.

Once you have found the image please fix the tags if they need them!
Hope that helps!


we need to mine Paheal's code somehow to ask how they did it. maybe I'll ask the webmaster

just fyi one other reason you would see this error is if you post an image thats over 21000x21000 resolution size limit. (comics that have been taped together for example)

namekianer said:

try this: compress the file (there are free services in the web for this). if this dont help, downsize the file (free in the web too).
that should solve your problem ;)

the video is already posted if hes getting the error above. or its over 1gb in size

even under 1gb, its possible that we cant upload a video. sometimes, its a mix of file size and dimension.
and correct, you will get the error message when you upload the same file (a duplicate) too.