Stupid question...

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DontTouchMyCogs said:

how to thumb up or give a picture a score +1?

I’ve been wondering this too. There used to be a voting system but now it’s gone for some reason. But I like upvoting images not just favoriting them. Plus, there’s some images that I do like but sometimes I might not like it enough to actually favorite it. But then there’s some images that I wish I could just downvote instead. Not to be mean just because well not everyone has to like an image right?

But yeah. What happened to the voting system?

ilovelolicon said:

And why did you name this forum “Stupid Question”? It seems like a good question to me.

i named it like that cause it wasn't sure if the like button was in plain site and im just missing it lol.

maybe only mods are able to vote? or some kinda glitch?