kagari atsuko tag alias

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namekianer said:


Akko is just a nickname. We should use the normal name, like by all the other charas.
or do you want replace the character names from all charas?

azunyan = azuna_nakano
meat = sena_kashiwazaki (and so on)

weird idea...

No that is not her nickname. They literally call her Akko in the show. If the characters in the show call her Akko then we should call her that here too. Why do some character tags even need to be aliased as their Japanese names. I don't even speak Japanese and I get annoyed having to tag a character as something that most people don't call them. We should at least have an option to use tags in certain languages. Every time a character is aliased with their Japanese name it makes it hard for me to search what I'm looking for since I don't know this stuff.

namekianer said:

One word: NICKNAME


No offense. But you keep acting rude to me for no reason and this isn’t first time you’ve acted like this to me. I’ve been trying to be nice ever since I came back from my suspension. Again, I don’t like tagging characters that most people don’t call them by. I am not going to tag “Akko” as something she doesn’t even go by in the show.

Edit:Okay, I’ve looked it up and apparently it is her Nickname. However I still do not want to tag her as something that she doesn’t even go by in the show.


smartass and jerk?
i can see how nice you are -.-

be friendly like this and you will get another time out....