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Right now we have 176 pages of only 'tagme' images. Does anyone have a good system for getting these images into the ecosystem?

My general plan was to start tagging with the loli, shota, and number of boys/girls tags to make them somewhat searchable. from here we can use something like "tagme:3 loli 1girl" to start breaking them down even further. I was doing something like this before the crash and could easily clear 10 pages of images this way, Occasionally stopping to tag an image where I knew the character or artist.

The other option is to fully tag each image, but this would take a VERY long time. Especially for the more obscure artist and characters. The biggest issue is that to fully tag you can't use the edit and tagscript tools and instead need to load each image individually.

I'm not sure how this would actually speed up the progress overall, though I have never used the tagscript before (I don't even know what it does). Usually I fully tag images, but often enough I don't recognize a character, artist or source.
Can you explain a bit more?

Sure, below the search box there is a drop down box set to view. If you click that there are different tools that you can use. The tag script tool lets you enter tags once and click on images to apply the tags. This is useful for basic tagging, like tagging all images contaning a certain character with that characters hair color, or fixing typos on a large number of images.

For example: If I see the typo "looli" i can search it and use tag script with the tags "-looli loli" to remove the typo and insert the proper tag

What I'm trying to decide on is whether it's better to have a few images with a lot of tags, or a lot of images with a few tags.

Iratu explained to me what the tag script did, but yeah it's indeed really useful to add or remove tags quickly.
Personally, I prefer to fully tag each image, but that's because I often use rather specific tags myself when searching images or a certain image in particular. Considering there isn't really a deadline I prefer to take it easy, and I'd rather have a job done completely after taking a while than doing it fast but more limited. I can't decide that for you though.


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Can you elaborate a little, I don't understand what you're trying to say or what that tag is used for, even.