artist tag change

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Dampfnudel said:

taiichi -> tai_ichi

can some mod fix this please? thanks..

Any source to verify this?

Dampfnudel said:

Artist's name is "enotato"(Pixiv original), but he is listed as "eno_tato"(nearly every imageboard).

I cannot seem to find his pixiv (forgive me, I don't really use pixiv at all since I don't think it's a great website).

Dampfnudel said:

the next one is "kindandowa". it's the name of the artists group, artist himself is "dowabako".

example source here:

Any official place where the artist is present (like pixiv) so I can verify this? It's nice that you want to correct these mistakes, but it'd be annoying if I have to verify this stuff myself every time when you already have proof the name is incorrect. I hope you understand.