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I've never favorited something so fast. OMG - I've run this scenario through my head a thousand times and it never ceases to get me off. The only thing is this guy doesn't lick her pussy, which is the number one thing I want to do. Still - damn that's one of the best fantasies I've ever seen (can't believe how old it is and I haven't seen it before today!)

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  • ^ yeah Ekikon kenkyuukai has the best sexy stuff :3 wish he'd pump content out faster, and no idea where he actively talks about his upcoming projects but i'd be curious to know.

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  • Wish I could live in a world where girls like me are nothing more than stock in a store for pervy pedos to buy and keep as pets~

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  • I would buy you and pet you and use you as a fuck toy, but sometimes you would have to get spankings to help you get orgasms.

    I would hug you and squeeze you and call you "George."

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