Artist: zorbocartoon

Zorbocartoon appears to be the original twitter handle of Cafe_Caliente13 based on the two 'source' entries made on Paheal during Autumn 2021:

October 31st for VHSephi for Reagen Ridley of Inside Job at linked to

November 2nd for Gilford for Millie from Helluva Boss at linked to

Although the redirection of those links is not proof (one can hypothetically insert any fake Twitter handle, all posts have a unique number and will redirect to an appropriate username if the post exists) there is an assumption of good faith that these two users at the time verified that being a real account.

Google archives also support this, googling Zorbocartoon will give Twitter results of post numbers that redirect to Cafe_Calient13.

The September 2021 registration of Fartodibuja on Baraag which uses the Zorbocartoon name has been inactive since 11 December 2021, which was followed by the 22 March 2022 registration of the Cafecaliente13 account on Baraag.

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