Artist: neo (artist)

There are multiple artists who sign as Neo, here is an explanation about them.

The 1st is NEO(城島袋) who danbooru tags neo (tyottama) and has been active on Pixiv since October 2008. Has done some occasional SFW loli pieces.

The 2nd is nyeo (per how they sign their work) whose pixiv handle is "neosan" but username appears as "neo". Nyeo has been doing SFW loli pieces since 2014.

The 3rd who signs as "NE☯" (a ying yang in place of the O which we cannot use as a tag, except with orange background instead of white) has uploads on Paheal since 2007. They've done a mix of furry and human lolis from western animation. It's unclear where uploaders like Anony-mouse located them and where they first appeared. No new uploads have appeared credited to them since 2015.

The 4th who signs as "NEO" (except with the rightmost vertical line of the N and the leftmost vertical bar of the E being shared) has uploads which began appeared on Paheal in 2020 and new uploads continued until 2021, exclusively drawing Kamala Khan from DC Comics. Danbooru uncovered this artist is Neovariable.

The 5th is neo1025 and began posting on Pixiv in April 2021.

The 6th who signs as "Neo" is Sariphy which is short for their "NeoSariphy" moniker. Their uploads began appearing on Baraag in May 2021, initially was "Seraphim" before changing to "Sariphy" then "NeoSariphy". We prefer the Sariphy tag here for simplicity.

The 7th who signs as "neo", has a piece which appeared in May 2022 at

==Neos who do not abbreviate to NEO==
1) NEO JARED sometimes signs as Neo Jared but tends not to drop the Jared like above.
2) NEOBIRU similarly tends to sign in all-caps
3) neopure doesn't sign at all.

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