Artist: artorias

One of three rule 34 artists who uses the handle "Artorias", but the only one who draws loli/shota content that pertains to this booru. Does a combination of still 3Ds and animated 3Ds but they are cartoonish and not realistic enough to be banned.

The three "Artorias" artists on Pixiv are: (the subject of this wiki, the only one whose works we display here) uploading since August 2020 (draws only "safe" art) uploading since January 2021 (but obviously lurking longer based on user number) also operates aka "ArtoriasGrr" (draws porn but only of adults)

There is a "Knight Artorias" character in Dark Souls but none of his art pertains to this booru, so the unparenthesized name just refers to the 3D artist.

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