Artist: pookie

DeviantArt registered ~2014
PalComix registered 18 Feb 2016
JabArchives registered 24 March 2016

Maisha (Pookie)

Pookie has been uploading rule 34 on various franchises (as well as OCs) since at least 2 June 2014 which is at present where his earliest upload is found at Paheal :

Pookie originally had his art hosted on WWOEC but much of it's original posting data and commentary was lost when that site went down, so it isn't entirely clear the specific dates when a lot of his original works were illustrated.

Luckily a lot of it had been backed up on Paheal, and of stuff that wasn't, Pookie would repost it (often revisiting old concepts and doing new versions of them) on his new homes at PalComix / JabArchives

Pookie has done a wonderful variety of shota and loli art which may eventually lost with the Paheal purges, so it behooves responsible historians of the ATF community to locate and mirror them here.

Pookie ran a recurring series called "Woman of the Month" (post-teens) which would probably be retained at Paheal, however his "Girl of the Month" contributions (not to mention other artists', it being a community effort) could be in danger of loss, since they depict mid-teens and pre-teens girls which the censors at Paheal are purging to appease their advertisers.

The mods at Paheal are not cooperating by first helping us back up the lolis so we need to do this pre-emptively. It's a shame they do hard-deletes instead of soft-deletes like here.

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