Artist: nezin

Nezin along with "ABCDE26" and "ChildFukker" and "ImaQTpie" and "Seductive Oink" are alias/redirects to "Nezinmin" on Paheal

Art signed "S-Oink" is also tagged Nezinmin on Paheal.

The September 2018 @Nezinmin account on Baraag (displays as NEZINMIN) notably has a pig as an icon, which is an "oink" association.

The May 2017 @Nezin account on Baraag (dispalys as NezinMin πŸšΈπŸ”ž ) notably has a woman with a purple afro as an icon.

This purple-afroed woman is also seen at which uses alias D𐍈𐍈MπƒπŒΉπŒ°π•R and has privated art.

She turns out to be named "Swirle' Nubes" at

Worked signed Zinpuchi is in cursive which makes it hard to read, the capital "Z" might be confused for a lowercased "H" and following the "p" it looks like a lowercased "a" even though the username is "u", leading to it looking like "Zinpachi" or even "Hinpachi"

The DHH account on YT which displaces Zinpuchi also uses Nubes as icon.

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